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Dental Inlays and Onlays
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Keep the chewing surfaces of your teeth in tip-top shape with non-invasive inlays and onlays at Willow Dental Care Langley. Sometimes a cavity can grow to affect the whole chewing surface of your tooth, which can leave extra room for sensitivity, tooth pain, and risk of severe infection. If you have a sizeable cavity on the surface of your tooth, your dentist may suggest an inlay or an onlay to restore the tooth’s function. 

Inlays at Willow Dental Care 

Your dentist might recommend an inlay if you have a cavity that has penetrated the tooth’s surface between the cusps. An inlay protects the inner chewing surface of your tooth, without going over the cusps or sides of the tooth as if to “lay” in the middle. If your Langley dentist decides an inlay is the best restorative dental treatment for your tooth, their team will fabricate the inlay to fit exactly into the open space.  

Onlays at Willow Dental Care 

An onlay is essentially an extension of an inlay, as it covers the entire chewing surface of the tooth including the cusps. The difference between an onlay and a dental crown is that an onlay only covers the top of the tooth, protecting the surface from cavities and general wear and tear over time. Your dentist may recommend onlays if your teeth are at risk of deteriorating quickly due to diet, lifestyle, and other factors.

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