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While we all dream of being cavity-free well into adulthood, sometimes harmful bacteria slip through the cracks to form a cavity on the tooth’s surface. If your dentist catches a cavity during your oral health exam, they will assess how deep it is into the enamel and whether or not it has reached the sensitive tooth pulp. As long as the cavity isn’t too deep, a dental filling can save the day. 

How Dental Fillings Work

A dental filling is made out of composite resin, which is inserted into the cavity to fill the space and block bacteria from spreading further into the tooth enamel. This composite material is durable, long-lasting, and can be cured with a special light to match as closely to the natural shade of your tooth as possible. Dental fillings are the best line of defence once tooth decay has penetrated the tooth’s surface.  

Composite Dental Fillings at Willow Dental Care 

Composite dental fillings can stop cavities in their tracks, keeping the sensitive inner tooth pulp safe from severe infection and damage to the tooth root. If you are experiencing any tooth pain or sensitivity that seems to have come out of nowhere, we encourage you to book an appointment at our Langley dental clinic so our trusted dental professionals can take a look and determine if you have a cavity that needs a non-invasive dental filling. 

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