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Snoring Devices & Sleep Apnea Devices in Langley, BC

Maintaining your general health and wellness begins with getting a full night’s sleep. If you are struggling to sleep through the night, whether it be due to your own snoring waking you up at night or your breathing giving you a hard time, there are specially-made devices that can help alleviate your issues and promote a more restful sleep for you (and your partner if your snoring is affecting their sleep as well). 

Snoring Devices for Better Sleep

Snoring can be caused by several factors, from genetics and physiology to certain lifestyle choices. if your snoring is keeping you up at night, there could be a partial obstruction in your airway that you are not aware of. If you have exhausted your over-the-counter snoring aid options, ask your Willow Dental Care dentist about how our team can help you sleep more soundly. 

Sleep Apnea Devices for Better Breathing 

You may have trouble sleeping through the night because of a condition called sleep apnea, which occurs when your throat muscles relax too much in your sleep. When the muscles are too relaxed, they can obstruct the airway and constrict your breathing. Because of this, sleep apnea can be life-threatening if left untreated due to the blockage restricting oxygen flow to the brain. If you struggle with sleep apnea, ask your Langley dentist about custom-crafted sleep apnea devices.

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