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At Willow Dental Care Langley, protecting your pearly whites is our top priority. Our concern is centred around how the state of your oral and dental health may be impacting your overall quality of life, which is why we have made sure that our Langley Dental Clinic in Willowbrook Shopping Centre is equipped with the resources to provide protective dental appliances like night guards, retainers, sports mouth guards, and devices to improve your sleeping patterns.   


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Night Guards

If you find yourself constantly waking up in the morning with a tense jaw or persistent headaches, you may be subconsciously clenching or grinding your teeth while you sleep at night. Clenching and grinding can not only lead to jaw pain and tightness, but they can also wreak havoc on your teeth. Getting fitted for a proper night guard at Willow Dental Care Langley can help prevent your teeth from excess wear-and-tear, chips, and cracks in the future. 


If you have invested the time and finances into a perfectly straight smile, the best thing you can do for yourself is wear your retainer to essentially train your teeth to stay in place for years to come. It may seem like a tedious task to remember popping your retainer in every day, but trust our experienced dentists, you will thank us later when you don’t need to go through another round of braces 10 years from now. 

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Sports Mouth Guards

No game-winning goal is worth the risk of a knocked-out tooth! If you play contact sports or have an active career that puts your pearly whites at risk of injury, our Langley dentists will likely encourage you to invest in a custom-fitted sports mouth guard to add a layer of protection against fast-flying pucks, balls, or fists that may result in a trip to the dentist’s emergency chair otherwise. 

Snoring & Sleep Apnea

Maintaining your general health and wellness begins with getting a full night’s sleep. If you are struggling to sleep through the night, whether it be due to your own snoring waking you up at night or your breathing giving you a hard time, there are specially-made devices that can help alleviate your issues and promote a more restful sleep for you (and your partner if your snoring is affecting their sleep as well). 

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