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Tooth Extractions in Langley, BC

When a tooth has decayed beyond repair, full tooth extraction might be the most effective way to save your smile if other restoration methods are no longer an option. Whether you have impacted wisdom teeth, dental trauma, or deteriorated teeth, our team is dedicated to presenting the most cost-effective dental treatment options to improve your quality of life, which can sometimes mean having a permanent tooth pulled out entirely.  

What to Expect if You Need a Tooth Pulled

To determine whether tooth extraction is right for you, your dentist will do a visual assessment as well as an x-ray to rule out other restoration methods. If pulling out a permanent tooth is the best solution, your dentist will make sure you are prepared to fill the gap with a realistic-looking and functional restorative dental appliance, like a dental implant, dental bridge, or even dentures.  

Purposeful Teeth Extractions at Willow Dental Care 

At Willow Dental Care Langley, our well-trained dentists understand that having a tooth extracted as an adult is a big deal! Once your tooth has been removed, we will take extra care to make sure you know how to keep the area clean and clear of infection until your dentist helps you decide how you would like us to fill the gap in the gumline to avoid unnecessary teeth shifting or crowding. 

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