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Endodontics in Langley, BC

For serious dental issues that arise below the gum line, we often refer patients to a trusted endodontist to address severe tooth pain that requires a more specialized approach to treatment. An endodontist is specially trained to get to the root of your tooth pain, which can often stem from–you guessed it–the tooth root. 

How Endodontics Can Save Your Smile 

The nerves in your tooth root all come together in the sensitive tooth pulp, which can become severely infected if tooth decay is serious enough to reach it. An experienced endodontist will be able to assess the severity of your tooth pain and determine how deeply the inner tooth pulp has been affected. In many cases, an endodontist will perform a root canal to evacuate the infected area. 

Endodontic Care for Your Teeth and Gums 

You only have one smile, so it’s important to keep it safe by trusting our endodontics partners to take care of severe tooth decay, infections, and signs of gum disease before they cause irreparable damage to your mouth. Whether you need a root canal, a gum graft, a tooth lengthened, or even a reduced tooth pocket, you can trust your Willow Dental Care Langley team to put you in touch with an endodontist you can trust. 

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