What We Offer

What We Offer

Expect More from Your Trusted Langley Dentist
* Invisalign Analysis
* Convenient location in Willowbrook Shopping Mall
* Your comfort is our first concern
* Friendly, caring staff
* Cosmetic dentistry for beautiful smiles
* Bleaching for whiter, natural looking teeth
* Combine all appointments into one
* Safe effective sleeping pill, no I.V. sedation
* Dental care while you sleep
* Variety of payment options available
* Mercury-free fillings for long term health
* Oral pre-medication available
To discover why Willow Dental Care Langley is the top choice for Langley dentist patients, contact us online or give us a call at (604) 534-7200 today.


About the Willow Dental Care Network

Willow Dental Care has been around for close to 25 years (but with combined dental experience of almost 100 years).

Each Willow Dental Care office is staffed with highly trained dentists. But what Willow Dental Care is really proud of is our training in client service. We understand that going to the dentist isn’t the most enjoyable activity on your to do list. But our staff is trained to make the experience as calm and relaxing as possible. How about an office that truly listens to your past experiences or how sensitive your teeth really are? Imagine someone who understands that you can’t stand something in your mouth or that you just don’t freeze well. Whether you simply just don’t enjoy going to the dentist, or you truly fear the experience, Willow Dental Care has got your back.

Willow Dental Care offers telephone consultations, so that you will be fully prepared as what to expect when you come in for an appointment. If your fear, or your child’s fear is overwhelming, all our offices are fully certified and trained in Conscious Sedation with pre and post appointment support.

As general dental offices that offer all the range of family and cosmetic services having a happy safe environment is always a better choice. This is good news for high fear patients but also good news for everyone in the family.

Now you can chose a Willow Dental Care office in Chilliwack, Abbotsford or Langley.