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Get Your Own Vampire Fangs For Halloween 2016!

Posted on Oct 4, 2016

Looking for a great Halloween costume idea? Why not get your own vampire fangs? Watch this video to see how they are created by a dentist. They are removable and painless and comfortable. Very cool look for the month of October.  

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We Have Great Staff!

Posted on Apr 29, 2016

Carolyn M. from our office puts a little girl at ease with a mall race. “Today we had a little girl in for a filling and she was nervous about freezing so her and I played a game together. We were to race down the hall of the mall and if she won I had to be frozen too and if I won it was just her that received the freezing…I won! Just barely...

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Don’t Let Your Dental Plan Go to Waste!

Posted on Nov 30, 2015

Truth: 95% of dental plans financial limits end December 31st. What does this mean to you? It means that you may be missing out. You may be missing a year of benefits that you could have used up. If you have a few treatments scheduled, getting some completed in 2015 means that there will be a full year of benefits to use in 2016. Many people never use their insurance benefit. Sometimes they don’t have a habit of visiting the dentist and sometimes it is due to high anxiety. For those who prefer to be treated through sedation, it is covered by most insurances. To be certain of the coverage...

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Willow Langley Supports The Run To Cure Breast Cancer

Posted on Oct 5, 2015

Willow Dental Care Langley team members recently ran in support of a cure for breast cancer. Take a look at the fun below. Willow Dental Care Langley is proud to support our community and help raise funds in support of such an important cause.  

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The How of Habits

Posted on Feb 4, 2015

We are what we repeatedly do. “_Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit_”. – Aristotle Habits happen. Good or bad we get the habit of a thought, an exercise or an experience and we tend to repeat that experience. Whether it’s falling asleep without brushing our teeth, doing yoga every morning or looking at your phone the moment you wake up, habits happen through repeat performance. The question is, are you happy with your habits? And if not what do you do about it? First: identify a few habits you appreciate and a couple you’d like to change. Be really specific. Give yourself...

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To Gargle or Not to Gargle

Posted on Dec 17, 2014

To Gargle or Not to Gargle

Is your mouth kissable or should you take out the mouthwash? It feels great and is a lovely finisher to your evening bathroom ritual, but do you need it? According to Heidi, one of our best hygienists, the big thing to remember is that mouthwash will not remove plaque. It might feel great, but only “the use of a toothbrush and floss will remove and disrupt bacterial plaque”. So it’s not the way to avoid brushing and flossing. However mouthwash with fluoride can be helpful in protecting teeth from cavities. Truth be told, if your toothpaste has fluoride you can skip the extra step of...

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